Fast Forward

Can’t believe it has been almost three months since the first blog post, so let’s fast forward a bit. First off, we’ve drafted a proposal for a spot in Santa Ana and expect to start build out in the next week – if everything goes as planned. We hit the ground running in January of this year and don’t expect to stop anytime soon. Here is what The Brauhaus has accomplished since then:

Batch PSAs:

Steady Garage event, where we poured 50# of product and packaged 6 growlers:

We’ve brought aboard a couple more fantastic roasters, the latest cupping below:


And to finish it off we’ve scaled the brewrig – twice. Kyoto rig v4 is our production level rig that is scaleable in 50G increments. Kyoto v5 is in final design phase and will be our contract rig, more info on that soon.

We hope to see you in Ktown this weekend