Batch 35

Brewers Notes

Second batch running through our upgraded Bunn grinder with Ditting burrs, pushed two finer to 7+ and still maintained a perfect extraction without finings. Tasting notes include powdered sugar, apricot, and a harmonic body.


This coffee comes from the town of Hagere Mariam in one the of the most famous producing regions in all of Ethiopia. The town is located in the southwestern part of the country and sits at 1700 masl, but coffee here can grow above 2,000 masl. This coffee is meticulously washed and features the perfumed, floral aromatics we love about coffee from Ethiopia.

  • Varietal
    Local Heirloom
  • Altitude
    1800-2200 M
  • Process
  • Roast Date
    Jul. 08th
  • Date Brewed
  • Time Start
  • Water Temp
    34 F
  • Grind
  • Coffee Grounds
    10 Lbs
  • Time End
  • Final Yield
    10.55 G
  • Extraction
    500 PM