We are Live!

Stoked to launch the site and start discussing our efforts in brewing some ridiculous Single Origin Kyoto Coffee. Our first run at scale went exceptionally well, and we are scaling even further. So, some basics to kick off our blog:

Who We Are

Will & Ryan, one studying for the CFA and the other working in design. While our interests span a wide range, a few we definitely enjoy include: barrel aged beers, Dieter Rams, and awesome coffee.

What We Are Doing

We are sourcing single origin beans from the best roasters on the Pacific Coast and brewing under 36F water for 16hrs on an automated, inert system. Packaging into bottles and kegs for contract, wholesale, and retail distribution.

Why Kyoto and Why Single Origin?

Typical cold immersion (cold press & batch filtering), achieves a huge body but lacks aroma and almost always tastes like chocolate, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It works to your advantage with a blend of beans that might not have had too much attention paid, or one that might not be freshly roasted, or one that wasn’t ground correctly – you get the point. But, when you are grinding and brewing within 14 days of roasting, using single origin beans from small farmers around the world, you really want to flaunt it if you’ve got it. Enter Kyoto.

Kyoto achieves an incredible body, while maintaining astounding complexity. It is a tightrope of sorts, a balancing act, that makes this shine. Some Single Origin coffees don’t come into their own until blended to fill in for a lack of body. The Kyoto method of brewing lends its expertise in body while maintaining aroma and complex tasting notes, making it a perfect match.


That’s it for a quick run down, make sure to enter your email on the homepage banner or below, launch list subscribers might get a little surprise!


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